I went to bed around 5 or so, but I was having a bit of trouble sleeping. After about 10-20 minutes, I heard my grandfather yelling and my aunt run down the stairs, so I went to see what was happening. Apparently Purby escaped from the yard. So I went to look with my aunt....

I found him in the same place he goes every year when he escapes... he was walking around in the neighbor's yard directly down the hill from here. I ran to catch up with him, but he was trying to jump off a 5 foot wall to the road... which didn't happen because I pulled him away before he could do it and he was afraid to jump anyway.

So I led him up the hill and let go of his collar to see if he'd walk over to my aunt... but he only walked half way to her before making a run in the other direction for the neighbor's porch. This time I picked him up. He nipped at me once, but then he was fine with me holding him. I handed him over to my aunt, went back inside, and finally went back to bed.

If anyone has questions about why he was escaping or anything like that, I'll try to answer.