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    It was a dark, mine cart ride with scenes & sounds. A light would come on for a few seconds so you could see each scene.
    The article is from last week, but I found out they're sending the ride to Costa Rica! I was hoping they'd send it to Idlewild park (same owners) in Ligonier, PA... where they have a mine-themed section... But no, they're sending it FAR FAR AWAY! :eek:

    They better replace it with something similar! I know it's not an intense ride like a roller coaster, but it was a classic!

    And they just remodeled the other classic a few years ago. A dark boat ride with a haunted theme. They turned it into a Garfield theme and renamed it Garfield's Nightmare. It's an amusing ride now, but it's not as dark now and it's completely different. It's pretty nice, but just not the same. :(
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    Fuh-huh-huuuuck..that sounds cool too!
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