Thread: AI reasons at 4 yr. old level. Also, Blue Brain.

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    This robot can actually reason at a 4 yr. old level. Its name is Eddie. Future similar AIs will "reason, have beliefs and emotions, and even have religion"

    And another amazing AI development... Blue Brain. (project website) (this is long!)

    Here's a very small part of the large article

    <div class='quotetop'></div><div class='quotemain'>The Blue Brain project is now at a crucial juncture. The first phase of the project—"the feasibility phase"—is coming to a close. The skeptics, for the most part, have been proven wrong. It took less than two years for the Blue Brain supercomputer to accurately simulate a neocortical column, which is a tiny slice of brain containing approximately 10,000 neurons, with about 30 million synaptic connections between them. "The column has been built and it runs," Markram says. "Now we just have to scale it up." Blue Brain scientists are confident that, at some point in the next few years, they will be able to start simulating an entire brain. "If we build this brain right, it will do everything," Markram says. I ask him if that includes selfconsciousness: Is it really possible to put a ghost into a machine? "When I say everything, I mean everything," he says, and a mischievous smile spreads across his face.</div>

    I think we&#039;re on the verge of a HUGE AI breakthrough soon, probably an AI of human-level or higher than human-level intelligence. Don&#039;t forget all the amazing developments this year in my other topics too! :o
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    Religious debates with humans seem neverending. Relegious debates with robots ARE neverending. Yikes! Thanks for sharing this cool story with us.
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