So i bought my Socom: Fireteam Bravo game 2 days ago, and it was working great, i loved it. But then all of a sudden, today i had one battery bar, plugged it into my USB Nyko charger, put in the socom UMD, and started up the UMD. It went through just fine, but for some reason whenever i try to actually play a game be it infrasture or campaign mode (the only ones i tried) it just turns to a black screen, but the green light is still on. So i figure maybe the battery is dead, but if that was the case, why in the hell would the green light still be on? i just don't get it! Then i unplugged the charger, and the green light stayed on until i took out the battery. it of course shut off then. When i flicked the switch back on it came up as if i had shut down the system, rather than if it had ran out of battery, cause when you run out of battery it goes into sleep mode. I started the game up again, did the exact same steps except i tried campaign mode this time. The same thing happened, as soon as i went into the mode and i was just about to start playing my online game. I noticed though, that when i had the battery and charger plugged in, the amber light went on and then off and then on again. That cycle went through about every 10 seconds or so....
anybody know what this could be?

Oh and this happened about 8 hours ago, since then it has been charging in one of my desk compartments. I just took it out of the desk compartment and it is charged at only one bar Maybe its the cable

EDIT: i changed the USB power for A/C power adapter, and it works again