If you know about Cybernations, then I am in GLOF, a crappy ass alliance lead by a craptastic leader. Here's a log between him and I, for Ray. Since AIM sucks.

[22:59] Zayne Humphrey: Awesome, just when I make a huge leap, Gun boy orders a war
[23:00] Wade (Genghis): NV has called us in
[23:00] Zayne Humphrey: :/
[23:00] Wade (Genghis): won't happen until the next update
[23:01] Wade (Genghis): 26 hours time
[23:01] Zayne Humphrey: Losing any progress I just made FTW
[23:02] Wade (Genghis): and we start all over again
[23:02] Wade (Genghis): oh well
[23:02] Zayne Humphrey: Yeah
[23:02] Zayne Humphrey: Oh well
[23:02] Zayne Humphrey: "Sorry, but we don't care about you. Oh well"
[23:02] Wade (Genghis): lol
[23:03] Zayne Humphrey: lololno
[23:03] Wade (Genghis): you're first to go in
[23:03] Wade (Genghis): cannon fodder and all
[23:03] Zayne Humphrey: Haha, you're funny
[23:03] Wade (Genghis): then we all decide not to play and leave you to fend for yourself
[23:04] Wade (Genghis): lololol
[23:04] Zayne Humphrey: Haha, you should be a standup
[23:04] Zayne Humphrey: Though, I should've known this would happen when a military loving, gun loving nut comes in.
[23:05] Zayne Humphrey: Good thing I don't have any powers any more, so that my voice doesn't get heard. Oh well.
[23:05] Wade (Genghis): he's the Knight
[23:06] Wade (Genghis): that's what he's there for
[23:06] Zayne Humphrey: (candycane)
[23:07] Zayne Humphrey: So much for being a defensive alliance and all.
[23:07] Wade (Genghis): we are defending NV
[23:07] Wade (Genghis): not attacking anyone outright
[23:10] Zayne Humphrey: (Link: http://wwwimage.cbsnews.com/images/2004/06...mage621923x.jpg
[23:12] Wade (Genghis): is that you crying because you have to fight
[23:12] Zayne Humphrey: No, it's you crying.
[23:19] Wade (Genghis): you finished whinning
[23:19] Zayne Humphrey: Hmm..
[23:19] Zayne Humphrey: Let me see when I was whining during this conversation.
[23:19] Zayne Humphrey: Hmm..no. I was voicing an opinion.
[23:20] Zayne Humphrey: Though, because I'm not part of the government, I'm whining.
[23:20] Wade (Genghis): you had no opinion other than that your nation was going to cop some losses
[23:20] Wade (Genghis): every time we get into conflict you start complaining about voicing your opinion
[23:21] Wade (Genghis): what is it that you have to say
[23:21] Wade (Genghis): that we shouldn't go to war
[23:21] Wade (Genghis): that we shouldn't defend our ally
[23:21] Zayne Humphrey: I'm sorry I even said anything to you.
[23:22] Zayne Humphrey: And I know that the next time I'm on the forum, I'll be given another new infraction, or another court hearing
[23:23] Wade (Genghis): no you mungbean
[23:23] Zayne Humphrey: Maybe I should just keep to the spam lounge, and let the real members handle the issues
[23:23] Wade (Genghis): so are you going to resign again
[23:23] Wade (Genghis): quit when the going gets tough
[23:23] Wade (Genghis): maybe join the Halo alliance
[23:24] Zayne Humphrey: No.
[23:24] Wade (Genghis): they only fight the Zerg or the whatever they are
[23:24] Zayne Humphrey: Heh, yeah, say that because I like a gaming franchise.
[23:24] Wade (Genghis): just putting it out there
[23:25] Wade (Genghis): you don't seem too happy everytime we go to war is all
[23:25] Wade (Genghis): and that is very rarely
[23:37] Zayne Humphrey: The only time I left an Alliance was when I was still in The Legion. I left GLOF to cool down. Try to turn that around to where I left all you want, but the only time I left an alliance was during my Legion days.