<div class='quotetop'></div><div class='quotemain'>A line­age of odd mi­crobes that may have crashed in­to Earth aboard a me­te­or in 2001 seem to con­tain mo­le­cules not found in Earthly cells, two sci­en­tists are re­port­ing.

Al­though many re­main skep­ti­cal over the re­mark­a­ble claim of mi­nus­cule ex­tra­ter­res­tri­al vis­i­tors, God­frey Lou­is, head of the phys­ics de­part­ment at Co­chin Uni­ver­s­ity of Sci­ence and Tech­nol­o­gy in In­dia, pre­sented the find­ings at a sci­en­tif­ic con­fer­ence in San Die­go on Aug. 12.</div>


I posted a topic about this a while ago, so I figured an update would be good. The only problem is that I&#039;m having a hard time confirming this article. No one else seems to be reporting this. So.... I hope more information is available soon.