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    Hi guys

    I guess this is my fist official post and I wish it wasnít about my broken PS3, Iíve had my PS3 about 2 Ĺ years and itís the 40GB model it first broke down when it was only 6 months old, it stopped read discs, games, movies, CDs, nothing would work. Back then Sony fixed it they took it and brought it back in days. It broke down again two weeks ago with the dreaded yellow/red flashing light Iíve sent it for repair hopefully Iíll get it back soon. I miss my PS3
    So what experience have you had regarding faults and breakdowns etc?
    What are your thoughts on the subject guys?
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    well, it could be a number if different things...
    is it in a well ventilated area? if it's stuck in a tight confined space dust can build up and screw with your console...
    a 40gb model huh... 6 months and started acting up, ouch... I had a 80BC lasted for me about 7 or 8 months (got it used) then the Bluray went out.
    I got a none BC 80Gb and it's been good to me... once a week I blow out the vents to make sure nothing get's in there...
    How long is the console being run? 5hrs? 8hrs? 24hrs? have you heard the "fan" turn on? if the CPU get's too hot the fan kicks in like a PC/Laptop and tries to cool the chip down.
    Refresh for more Sigs

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    Hey I run it for 6 maybe 7hrs I think the fan runs fine. When I get it back I wonít be running it for as long.
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    You could invest in a cooler/fan attachment.
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    i only have a slight opinion on this...i think by you sending it to Sony you pretty much robbed yourself, especially 2 times sending it to could have gotten hold of a brand new slim and just swapped or copied your hdd data over. i fixed a backward compat phat for a co-workers son-in-law and Sony wanted 150 + shipping had your first error, unable to read discs and all.

    cost me $58.62 and about 20 mins of my time to swap the blue ray laser out and test it out...i'm just saying, 150 X 2= 1 brand new ps3 slim
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    agree ^^^it is a very simple swap i guess ill post a guide on the swap so nobody ever gets raped by sony again unless you got a warrenty lol
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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