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    Hi Guys

    FedEx delivering in this snow you guy’s rock.
    Yes I’ve got my PS3 back its spot on. They sent a repair note with it I’ll tell you what it saws “Your system was diagnosed with the yellow light of death which is an overheating problem. After the repair, we performed cooling upgrades to help keep this problem from returning. The fans are now a little louder. This is perfectly normal. They are spinning faster to prevent the system from overheating again.” There’s definitely a difference the airs blasting out the back now it feels like it’s ready for take of.
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    you know you could have done this your self for a bout 60 bucks alltogether i put a guide up on this site for that fix since sony wannts to charge 150 or more for the repair but at least you got it back working
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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