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  1. #1 Sony releases Bravia TV with built-in PS2 
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    Sony has combined it's LCD TV Bravia brand with a PlayStation 2.

    Sleeping in the belly of this Sony Bravia LCD television set, with which it's become a co-habitant in a bargain-priced entertainment solution.

    This is the KDL-22PX300, a TV that's recently been released in Europe.

    Up top is a compact 22" LCD screen, capable of a maximum resolution of 720p.

    There's also room for 4x HDMI cables, 2x optical audio cables and 3x USB ports.

    Slung underneath is a PlayStation 2, embedded within the design of the TV and giving the set not just inbuilt access to a PS2, but by extension a DVD and CD player as well.

    It's even got access to Sony's Bravia online video service.

    Sure, the screen is tiny but at around 200 (USD$310), it's a great budget purchase for a kid's room or guest room.
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    I would love this. And I would love to hack that PS2. Just think, it'd be your own lil' emulation station!
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    thats some pretty sexy shit..
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    agreed with dank ^
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    that thing probably can't be hacked, be nvm that. it's pretty old tech for a lcd. they shouldve done it with a ps3, even if it's nowhere near as "cheap" as this. not really that cheap neither, i saw 32' panasonic lcd's for $350 on black friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesexyone View Post
    it's pretty old tech for a lcd.
    yes. last time on saw a ps2 on an HDTV it looked like shit.

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    I think sony came up with this plan to compete with samsung! And anyone that can read a book knows Samsung has moved way ahead of sony on the tv market!

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