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    i had a question i have dust inside my psp screen, wat should i do open the psp or is their another way to do it
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    Well, if its REALLY bad, then you can open your faceplate up and use compressed air or something. But please NOTE that removing your faceplate WILL void your warranty, in order to remove your face plate you have to remove the warranty sticker.

    But, if its just a little bit of dust, I recommend NOT to open your faceplate up, you will mor tha likely just get more dust under your face plate.

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    i just hate the little dust in the screen, but i rather not void the warranty i can stand, seeing 3 or 4 little dust hairs instead of voiding my warranty,i wish i could have it really clean and that my screen wasnt, scratched up its because when i bought it, i took off the sticker screen but when it started,getting scratched i bought a film cover sticker, its safe from scratches but not from dust well no ones psp is o well, sorry for the dumb message
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    the only way dust gets inside.. is probably from the speakers up on top. You can get some compressed air and shoot it into the speaker. It probably won't do you good, buts it is worth a shot.

    ahh film cover thingyy lol thank for the update. Can you clean that?
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