Thread: 25 million more sony accounts compromised

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  1. #1 25 million more sony accounts compromised 
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    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    The worst fucking part of all this, is that we can't hide our damn CC# info. I frequently buy DLC, so I have my personal info on my main/master account. I haven't had any mysterious charges on my card, though, so I must be fine... *Knocks on wood*
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    That's why I only use the Playstation cards.
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    i used my debit card for map packs for me and my nephew out in KS...but once i saw this shit coming from the ps3 hacking sites, geohot going down and his gay followers attacking psn, i made sure it was never stored in either system well over 2 months ago.

    i never store shit online except on Amazon cause it's 100% protected/guaranteed there and my info's been on it for years!!
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