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    I've been wanting a new sig for this site, when I talked to drizzle he said he might be able to make me one, but he's been really busy! Does anyone else here know how to make really cool ones? I'm looking for a god of war/Audi A4 mixture! I know it's strange, but that's what I like. Maybe incorporate my car in with Kratos, or something cool?

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    CLMT ,is the only one i heard of mkaing them besides Drizzle, but hes not here no more...that is a weird mix, id go with Mudusa(murdered that name) sticking out of the sunroof, flipping everyone off
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    How about have a shot of the car from the rear with the trunk open and Kratos tied up and gagged in the trunk an getting pummeled on by the Smurfs.

    I like the Medusa out the sunroof flipping everyone off, but you gotta have Skeletor driving....

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    or a side view of a audi w/ god of war graphics on the side like a show car. will look clean without being gaudy
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