Thread: To all my old group members.

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  1. #1 To all my old group members. 
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    I was forced to delete all of my info from the group as leachers were stealing my games. I take my time as people ruin it for everyone. I will thou upload any of the games for those specific members or any frequent PSPMOD member. Send me a pm with the game. Make sure its on psn thou.

    Fuck spelling I'm pissed atm!!!
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    No problem dude. PM me the link to what we talked about
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    i got your pm...i mean, it's got to be expected, no one wants to pay for shit!! they came here, saw your link and took it all...i appreciated the gesture but i can't use any psn titles for the psp on mine anyway cause of the perma ban they have on them. so don't worry about me bro lol
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    Stupidd arse holes.
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    Just got back on the scene testing thing out for now.

    Threads to look at.

    1.) How to: Install Opera Mini on your PSP
    2.) Best OFW/CFW Internet radio
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