Thread: Don't buy a car on eBay.

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  1. #1 Don't buy a car on eBay. 
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    Be prepared to lawyer-up when you win. Apparently, some guy won a GT-R for dirt cheap ($55k), and the dealership is refusing to hand it over. The guy's got an attorney, and it does look as though he'll be getting his GT-R.
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    fixed for ya and do you use firefox cause everything seem to be running fine for me but when i was on IE8/9 i had the same problems never tried chrome but firefox work for me
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    Ran across this on Jalopnik earlier. Not the first time this has happened with people purchasing cars from dealers on eBay. The excuse is almost always "We forgot to put a reserve on it" which is completely bullshit. Whose fault is that morons?
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