Thread: A protest that I actually agree with!!

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  1. #1 A protest that I actually agree with!! 
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    Just read the link, you can decide to do it yourself, or not. I just put in an order for the Chronicles of Narnia, and I will be getting it in like a week. This is great because I have a gay brother, and anything to help out the gay community is will work for me

    Damn I think they took the page down due to the amount of traffic!

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    so what does Chronicles of Narnia and the gay community, and a protest connect with eachother?
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    anyone else think its funny that coheeds sig is wider then my psp?

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    yeah, Coheed whats going on with those black side lines? i dont know how to resize width, but if you copy and paste into paint then change the sides of the paint dimensions, then save and resize, and host it again itll be all goood.
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