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    ok , the first that i just noticed ( as i finnaly read the PM i've had sitting there ) is that the link to the rules in it ( /forums/site-announcements/58870-sorta-new-rules.html replace with this site's domain name . ) dosent work . it says "Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" . and the second came when i tried to pm the admin . i had 8 posts when i saw the problem and tried to reply to the pm , BUT the little top bar that says not to post about piracy , the 3000's unhackability , and the limited account . says i have a limited account , and once i post 5 msgs that it will be upgraded or what ever . but i have 8 see any problems there? XP after the admin sees this feel free to delete it . just wanted to make sure it was known
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    Yeah, the site is undergoing some adjustment today. Hopefully it will be sorted shortly. Even members that have been here since 2005 and have over 1000 posts are experiencing Captchas and limited accounts.

    Thanks for reporting though, cheers.
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