Thread: Anyone asking to download games read this shit now!

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  1. #1 Anyone asking to download games read this shit now! 
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    Buy your fucking games like everyone else cheap ass! And while your at it go fuck yourself! People like you are why game designers don't make good games anymore. All there profit is stolen causing then to be less motivated. Go fuck yourself.

    To everyone who buys there shit legit, good job.

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    Most of the people doing this are from foreign countries. They neither understand what you're complaining about (and I agree with you) nor care what your opinion is. There are many places in the world where piracy of all sorts is absolutely rampant and is done completely openly. PSP's are now so cheap that every Indonesian dirt farmer can get one so of course this was going to happen. It's still BS and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    A common reason (excuse) that they give is that games are so expensive. But they can afford the hardware? Please.

    But still, they DGAF what you think.

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