Thread: Google Glasses. futuristic awesomeness.

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  1. #1 Google Glasses. futuristic awesomeness. 
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    Google Glasses First Look: Would You Wear These Augmented Reality Specs?
    these are probably the coolest things ever, idc if i look stupid wearing them. i need them nowww!
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    dude, i've seen this somewhere pretty cool post!!!
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    The visuals are not visible up here.Is it the latest app that has been introduced for the android phones, which my merely scanning a picture tells you all the details about it? For instance if you scan a pic of mountain'd tell you the exact location of that mountain right away on your cellphone. Isn't that awesome?
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    More like 'Google Ass'. Can anyone seriously see themselves wearing this gear? I mean, the iPhone was cool. This is not.
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    No need to grave dig bro if the thread is over 2 months old let it RIP
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    just wear sunglasses and ignore the world on your iPod...

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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