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    I intend to get a psp tommorrow if i can still, assuming the guy still has it, and its a 1.0-1.5... or, before i say that, i should just ask simply,

    all i want to know is,
    if i get a psp today, does it need a memory card to be able to run GBA emu + roms?

    i'm not sure what size memory card this one will have, if at all, did the originals come with a 32MB pro duo card? i'll be buying it used, so i hope its got a big memory card, but, with a 32mb card, and the gba emulator, i imagine a 6mb-8mb rom would fit no problem?

    and, i've done a little reading, and im wondering about the firmware, is all the hardware the same? i know how to check what firmware it has, but cant do that untill im in the store, so, am i correct to assume that if its anywhere from 1.0 to 2.0 i can either run the gba emu right away, or downgrade easily so that i can run the gba emu...

    or, is it now possible to downgrade all the way from +2.0's?

    this is likely not a newer version, unless the prior owners updated it, so i will check it before purchasing...

    i was so stoked on getting this, untill i found out about the firmwares and etc.

    so please, clarify if the psp normally comes STOCK: with a memory card (32mb?)

    and, is the 32mb enough for a single gba-rom+emu?

    and also, is there a firmware version of the psp that i simply should not purchase, because running the gba emu will simply be impossible due to current downgradabilities, etc?

    thanks, if this was gnubey, understand that im so stoked for this, and want to buy this one before someone else does, and am just trying to clear everything up before i actually go and spend the $$$.
    i want to buy this later today, so i hope that someone responds within the next 1-10 hours... it seems like a lively community here, i cant wait to get into it all. this is what my new laptop has been awaiting.


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    Whoa..the bold is a little unnecessary but let me clarify.

    Yes it comes with a 32 meg card. I would recommend looking into getting another, because you will want to do more when you find out all the stuff that is available for a 1.5 psp

    The 32 meg card will be big enough..but here is your choice with GBA emulators: one runs slow unless it has heavy frame skipping, and the other runs normal speed but can't save. the stickies on firmware. 2.7 has been cracked so you can downgrade. You can downgrade on 2.0, 2.6, and 2.7.

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    Don't make multiple threads about the same thing. One is enough.

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