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    anybody ever play that game it is raw i play it with my brother and friends i wish i could play it online anybody ever see it online oh and heres the link to the game too
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    i used to play it at school last year with a few other people
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    if its the game i think, its like a worms game, very cool , but with tanks instead of worms, like a real war, my fav weapon are vultures and missile shower, or the bomb that cost... 30000, was it?
    or the bomb that rolls until reach opponent.

    my fav game right now is the game where you determinate an specific angle direction, and the force you want to apply, with an addition of wind factor, to shot arrows to an opponent, at first i sucked at the shooting arrows game, but then i got perfect, and now my arrows hit atleast the head or the chest of the opponent...

    another falsh game that is cool is the helicopter game whre you have to fly a damaged helicopter being careful of blocks in air
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    Looks liek another Scorched Earth....not a bad thing...but I all have to say is Flygirl!!!!!

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    I played a little bit last year in school and it was fun but then the school blocked it i hate those blockers.
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