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    hey guys, I got some sad news...I'm going to be taking a leave of absence from the forums. I really need to focus on school and keep that the top priority, cuz I'm pretty much fucked. I screwed around all weekend on here, the internet in general, and my xbox, and started to study for my civ test last night, and I have no idea what the hell's going on. If I don't somehow miraculously pull off a 3.5 this year, I'm gonna lose a bunch of money in scholarships and prolly not be able to come back, so yeah. I met a lot of really cool people over these past couple months, and made new friends, but I just need to spend the majority of my time studying now, I might be dropping in from time to time, but I'll be mostly gone. ttfn!
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    Go study....then drop by on the weekends, man!

    See ya around!

    P.S. My Blue Valkyrie rocks. Your Yellow Wizard sucks!

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    You have to do what you have to do. Keep in touch and drop by when you can. Now go kick some scholastic ass!
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    Goodbye for now, and the day of the test, if you still dont understand the crap, then get to class early and sit next to the smarter kid.

    forget 3.5 drive youreself to a 4.0
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    i'm a noob here (and still to my psp), but you've given me some good advice (along with others on this site). Thanks for that! and good luck with your studies!
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    We're always here for you man. Stop by everyonce in a while so we know how you're doing! Good luck and take care man


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    I haven't eaten all day

    And yea man, school's way more important
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    i didn't know you to well but you did help me with some things and hope you get your grades
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