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    From Eurogamer:

    The game known as Ninja Garden is on its way to PlayStation 3 according to, you guessed it, Famitsu Weekly.

    1UP, this time, has been flicking through the Japanese magazine, and reports that Team Ninja is planning "Ninja Gaiden Sigma" for the Sony console.

    Relax though, Xbox fans, because it's not a completely new game. In fact, mostly it will be a port of Ninja Gaiden Black.

    However there will be a fair amount of new content, including the opportunity to play as Rachel.

    In the past, Team Ninja boss-man Tomonobu Itagaki has certainly thrown the PlayStation 3 a few measured compliments, but he's been adamant that his studio - currently working on Dead or Alive X2 - remains loyal to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

    Speaking to IGN recently, he even dropped hints about a Ninja Gaiden sequel on the platform, noting that the multi-threading technology under the 360's bonnet works wonders.

    "If you're working on a game like Ninja Gaiden 2, where it's really important that enemies are smart and challenging, then we might use up to two threads on AI," he noted, before clamming up on the subject.

    More at TGS on Friday, perhaps.
    It would be interesting to see if the sequel on Xbox360 makes it to the PS3 because the developers really like the console.
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    I sucked in the xbox version....
    Also In survival, after 3 seconds always I was killed...
    I didnt even know how to climb walls, when I realized, I didnt knew how to jump to a wall and from the wall jump to another (bounce)
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    i didnt read the article, but im sure they said it will be ported over to the wii.

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