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    let YOUR info make it on PSP Updates! Read below:

    For a few of you who were able to piece together the clues from last week's QJ Update, this is old news - but the rest of you are in for a bit of a surprise. Starting today, we've officially opened the doors on the beta version of the newest feature here at the QJ Network... MyQJ.NET!

    What is MyQJ? Pretty much what it sounds like! We're devoting a whole new section of the network to you, our incredible online community, to speak your mind about anything regarding the PSP you can think of. From news, to reviews, to opinions, to releasing your first homebrew program, MyQJ is how you can share your thoughts with the rest of the online PSP Community!

    So, what's the big deal? MyQJ is a new type of hybrid when it comes to user generated content on the web and giving control to our readers. For one, it is an open blog pertaining to a specific subject - in this case, the PSP. Add to that our Jump it Up feature and now you've got a way for readers to rate what they're reading. And then, any popular articles on MyQJ will be copied over to PSPUpdates! Everyone loves to blog, and I'm sure many of you have your own PSP blogs and sites, but it's not always easy to get your word out to the masses. With MyQJ and MyPSPUpdates, you have the chance to get your thoughts posted on THE most popular and most visited PSP site in the world. Our audience is now your audience!

    But what about the other blogs? Those will come in time, but right now MyQJ is in it's beta stage and we need to put it to the test! Will there be bugs? You bet! Will there be things you don't like? We're counting on it! But since it is MyQJ, we want it to be what YOU want, so our maddening methods will change over the weeks as we get more input and find out exactly how you guys think MyQJ should work.

    So how does it work, you ask? Pretty simple, really. First, sign up and register to blog on MyQJ (for free, of course). After you've confirmed your registration email, you can head on over to the Publisher Area and start writing! After you've submitted your article, a QJ Content Manager will quickly scan your post to ensure that it displays properly and conforms to the posting guidelines, and before you know it your post will be up on MyQJ! If it gets enough Jumps, it'll then appear on PSP Updates!

    Speaking of guidelines, here are the rules you should try to follow to ensure that your article gets posted quickly:

    1. No profanity, racism, pornography, vulgar, or other incendiary content
    2. No illegal links, subject matter, downloads, or plagiarized material
    3. Body text must be 75 words or more
    4. Article must be readable (spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization)
    5. Article Content must be accurate to the best of your knowledge
    6. Source link must be accurate to the best of your knowledge
    7. Article Content must be applicable for the Blog(s) you submitted it to
    8. If the article has a related download that is to be obtained through the source link, the download must be readily available without the need to register at another site, or perform any other actions to gain access to the download.
    9. Don't spam! Please make worthwhile submissions!
    10. Please check for duplicate stories before posting

    Undoubtedly, you have questions! Not only on how things work on MyQJ, but how to use the Publisher interface and make the best articles possible! Given that we're still in beta form and things will change quickly over the coming weeks, there isn't any documentation available yet, but we do have a MyQJ Help Forum to answer any questions you might have! And our faithful QJ blogger Pranav T. has already created a short primer to help get you started!

    It goes without saying, but even though QJ Staff will be manually scanning what goes on MyQJ, it is all about user submitted content, so who knows what will end up there. Just because something is posted on MyQJ does not mean that QJ.NET endorses the content - so user beware! This also goes for any linked downloads - if it doesn't come from DL.QJ.NET, use at your own risk!

    So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start blogging! And remember, MyQJ is your QJ! It is what you make it, so make it the best it can be!


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    Great....QJ blogs. Is it just me or does the word "blog" scare everyone else? What are they gonna submit:

    "I can't believe Johnny didn't want to play Spyro with me today on PSP. Oh no, he was too busy talking to Katie about that stupid Amazing Race episode last night. Like who cares! She isn't even cute either. Whatever.

    So today in math Mr. Tompson took my psp away. I was so MAD!!! He lets the other people play theirs, but not me. I secretly think he likes The Bratz just as much as me, so he takes it away to play it, which would be fine by me, but I just wish he would give it back to me out after class.

    So today the Playstation emulator came out. It roxx! I bet if Sandy got one then we could play Crash Team Racing in Physics. CRASH TEAM RACING OWNS, AND IF YOU ARE A H8TER THEN STFU! But her parents are all stingy, and she is poor so I doubt it will happen. Oh well, I have to go because Carson Daily is on now."

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    i can't wait to see futher actions.
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    omgt qj net blogs...

    what i will post?

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    all i do is check the psp tab, all the rest are usless to me..i check the 360 one once in a while but its nothing really, just showing whats newo n the marketplace.
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