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    We've just hit 1,000 members on this site today.......hopefully there's many more thousands to join and make this an even better site

    P.S. No more bennihan5's please

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    lol, thanks
    PS3 and PSP Forum!

    PSP Japanese 2.0 Update

    Japanese Playstation Site

    ^^2.00 If you want to, it's right there...^^
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    Rock on pspmod may your posts be informative and aplenty with ill spam
    -"you can always make more money - but you can never make more time"
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  4. #4 Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure? 
    Do you play with friends via Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure? Or not at all?

    If so, which games do you like to play and how often? Which do you prefer?

    I'm just curious because i don't often hear of people playing in big groups anymore or forming clans for games like SOCOM, which is a shame really.
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    i don't play online on the psp...
    most of my games either don't have infrastructure for them or they can't use the infrastructure
    and i don't have many friends that have psp's
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    i like playing grand theft auto lcs or vcs via ad-hoc, medal of honor heros, tekken, socom and need for speed are good games to play via infrastructure
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    I've made an infrastructure connection with my router, but don't play games online. I only use the wifi for testing and transfers (when I'm not using USB that ie).
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    i play killzone with people on my router
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    I play Need For Speed Carbon: Own The City online, and then any other 2 player games via AD Hoc if I can.

    But it's so pointless playing people online who quit because they're losing!
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    I play both but mostly because i play Metal gear solid portable ops online
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