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  1. #1 So, who's still alive? 
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    So, who's still alive on here? I was just remembering this place.
    For those who remember me, boo.
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    I come back once in a while, brings back memories

    Invest in durable goods. Volvo, a car you can believe in
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    I'm still alive too...I was cleaning the other day and found my old psp, haha! I don't think I ever got around to playing all the games I got at gamestop a couple years ago for half off when they were clearing them out. xD
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    I'm still around once in awhile, there is a lot of information contained in these pages and it is still a useful resource to anyone still goofing around with PSPs in 2017
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    still around here and there, drop by so often if and when I can. University got me full time so trying to balance school, life, online media and work.
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    Still here, love that I recognise some of the names. Haven't touched my PSP in years but I have fond memories of this site. Helped me a lot

    Quote Originally Posted by mrbob3
    ive just asked around the net and i can confirm that no one knows what a ptach is. Did you mean potato? pistachio? peanut? pet?
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    I occasionly come back and check the site out. I know I'm a little late to this thread but i don't care.
    PSP 1000 6.60 ME 1.3

    Hacked = 3
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