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    Been very busy lately with school work and stuff like that, but hopefully i'll be on more regularly now. I know you guys must all be sooooo super excited that i will be posting again anyways, what has been going on these last couple weeks? The firmware 3.0 i heard is coming very soon; other than that i am kinda lost.... also, could anybody help me out in getting some IR hacks on my psp? Been itching to get those going...
    Hope you had a nice XMas! Help me modding my original Xbox. See my thread in Anything Goes Here forum
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    Welcome back man and im like so excited to see you back man im like so so happy(not) lol jp but i think 3.0 is coming soon and im lost too as i've been gone for a few weeks too...

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    welcome back. Nothing really new...some stuff here and there..But nothing really big I guess..
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    just gonna say hi to the community again.. sorry to jack ur thread but im comin back too lol.. gonna try to be more active this time
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