Thread: I sent my psp to sony and just got it back

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  1. #1 I sent my psp to sony and just got it back 
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    It took only 3 days, but sadly I'm stuck with a 2.8 psp now. I'm really happy since not only haven't I been able to use homebrew, but I coulden't use my psp at all. The screen was cracked badly, and I know I could of fixed it but my analog thing was broken as well as my L and R buttons, so I just sent it in. I just hope they provide homebrew or hopefully a downgrader soon. Turns out they don't really upgrade it before they send it to you. When they recieve a psp they fix it, update it, and keep it until they can exchange it for another. So with my SERIOUS bad luck expect a downgrader next time my psp breaks or my little brother updates my psp.
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    sucky for you man. I'm gonna trade a kid at school his 2.6 for my 2.8 , cant wait!
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