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    Does anyone else find themselves not able to use the 4gig memory cards with their 1.5 machines??
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    its normal it only supports until 2g.
    I guess you wanted to fill it up with music, or videos to watch them, bu unfortunately, they got erased or they couldnt be watched.
    basicly, a 4g on a 1.5 psp only purposes are:
    -Storaging ISO IMAGES of your Backed up games
    -Storaging data on your psp, but not to watch it, like dropping files on any other folder that is not MUSIC, PHOTO, SAVEDATA, COMMON, SYSTEM...PSP

    So, Begin to back up your games, or to put lots of files.
    or if you want to play files from it,
    You Put the files on folders different than the previous mentioned, and then play them from any homebrew
    (If you wanna play your lots of Music, Put the music on any folder on the root of the MS, and then play them from Homebrew like I R SHELL, or for videos the PMP PLAYER, or PSPMT AVI PLAYER)
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    What if any mods can be done with a 3.52 firmware PSP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by atlastprod View Post
    What if any mods can be done with a 3.52 firmware PSP?
    Nothing so far, you can run at most a web portal.
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    Wow this is a really old thread...... but yea u cant unlock homebrew with firmware 3.51+
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