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    This movie is was better then I expected, I mean its not in the A category but more like B..... Its about a teenage kid who is an outsider(like myself) who gets a phone call from his Ex-Girl whom he still has feelings for and she starts to tell him that she is in trouble, then after the phone call she disappears and thats where the story starts..... The movie has the language of Chandler and Hammett who made some real tight detective short stories back in the 40's, but re-imagined from the lips of contemporary teens, thats what really set me into this movie, the way everything is worded is tight......... If u have already seen this movie tell me what u think and if not I recommend u to see it....

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    Ive been meaning to watch this. i think i will rent it tonight.
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    i enjoyed this movie as well
    its like an underground indie movie

    i really liked how it was like a detective movie but everything revolved around school. my favorite line "where have you been eating lunch"
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    i honestly have to say i loved this movie. its a great story and the plot twists had me guessing til the end. for the most part the acting was flawless, each actor played his/her part extremely well. the way they took 40's lingo and used it through out the entire story was odd but gave the movie that classic sound and sucked me into the story. basically it made the movie extremely enjoyable.... it gave the movie that Shakespearian element. i recommend this movie to anyone who has a thirst for heart pumping drama/crime/mystery and hasnt watched it yet.
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