Thread: we need a keyboard the day the american update comes out

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  1. #1 we need a keyboard the day the american update comes out 
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    yea i need a keyboad so bad typing on the psp takes so long has anybody got any news on a keyboard coming soon
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  2. #2 How To Install Firmware 3.11 For The Sony PSP 
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    First thing to do is backup what is on your PSP. Plug the USB cable from your PC to your PSP or take the flash memory card out and connect to your PC. Backup everything just in case anything goes wrong.

    Download the firmware 3.11 file from and then extract the file which should create a EBOOT.PBP file, If it does not then rename the extracted file to EBOOT.PBP

    Connect your PSP to your PC via your USB cable. Make sure the power cable is connected to your PSP and make sure you have a fully charged PSP, We don’t want your PSP to run out of battery in the middle of an upgrade. (This could corrupt your PSP and break it) Turn your PSP on. Go to the settings menu and select USB connection

    Now on your PC go to windows explorer (Click start then run, type in explorer and click enter) You will see your PSP files pop up on a drive shown below circled in red, it will say “Removable Disk / Media” Go to that drive and double click on PSP then GAME, in this Folder create a folder called UPDATE note all in capital letters. Now copy the EBOOT.PBP file in to this folder.

    Now disconnect from USB mode by pressing the O button. Click the right button 5 times to get to the GAME menu, click down until you get to Memory Stick then click X. Select PSP Update Ver 3.03 and click X

    On the next screen click X to start the upgrade. Read the license agreement and press X, then select accept and press X. Now it lists what the update includes, press right then X to accept. The update will now begin. Make sure you do not power off your PSP or disconnect the power supply during the upgrade or this could break your PSP. The update should take 3 – 4 minutes to complete.

    You will get a message saying upgrade complete, Press X and this will the restart / Boot your PSP. I would recommend connecting your PSP to your PC and delete the EBOOT.PBP file. Good luck with your new firmware J
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