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    I know a guy who is willing to sell his psp to me for $80 dollars canadian. I have it , and I"ve gone through it and it's in better condition than mine. The firmware is 2.6, and it doesn't have TA-082. Originally I was planning on putting my 1gb memory card into it and downgrading it as soon as I get my 4gb card for christmas, and later sell it for $200, but now my friend wan't me to let him buy it for $80. What should I do? I'm dead sure I can sell the psp for that price, but I know letting my friend buy it would be the nice thing to do. I have the psp in my possession and plan on paying the guy for it tommorow. Should I let my friend have it for $80? - Andrew
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    whats the point? youre basically a middle man for their deal if u think about it. i say bump up the price to 100 and sell it. atleast make 20 bucks
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    If you make any money off of the transaction you are going against your avatar.

    Of course, you aren't fooling anyone by trying to act like you believe or even know what your avatar means.
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