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    Hey guys just thought i would share something cool i learned today. The steam engine that games like cs cs:S and DoD and more. Well that has been cracked apparently.

    If you google "Edited", Download th eone from Edited cuz that the one i got and it works good. Well i suggest u make a brand new account so if you already have one you dont get it messed up. Then install Edited. Then when it says login put your new account info in. Ok now you will see you have every game payed for. Install them play them have a blast!

    This isnt illegal, its a emulator and info. No links to anywhere and no file hosting.


    Click here to go to my site.

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    getting games without paying for them is piracy, and illegal. I foresee this thread being locked in the near future...

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    it sounds illegal to me, and therefore, not allowed here. locked
    R.I.P Zoidberg

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