The new Adobe Photoshop includes a new user interface, huge improvements to the camera raw, a quick select tool, improved curves and printing controls, a new black & white conversion control, auto align and auto blend, a new and improved bridge, smart filter, and improved cloning & healing tools.

- New! Completely redesigned user interface.
- New! Smart filter.
- New! Auto Align and Auto Blend tool.
- New! Quick Select tool.
- New Black & White conversion control.

- Improved to camera raw.
- Improved cloning and healing.
- Improved curves controls.
- Improved printing controls.
- Improved bridge.

- Adobe Photoshop CS3
- Adobe ImageReady CS3
- Adobe Bridge CS3
- Adobe Device Central CS3
- Adobe Stock Photos CS3

as it's beta you can download it for FREE from Adobe Labs Web Site


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