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    has any one watch this i currently have this on my psp but yea this movie is dope pm me if u want it
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    I have seen it on dvd, its cool, but american pie 3 is still better.
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    the first one was pretty funny

    It kinda went down hill from there
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    its the crappiest Movie ever,.........
    Ugly ass Filming,.....
    Cheap cast.......
    Not funny at all.....
    But mostly,...W-T-F this movie has to do with American Pie?????
    In no way they can call that American Pie without the Fuckin American Pie cast!!!!!!!

    Waste of time,....Hope this movie will be Judge to Burn for ever in another Dimension........
    I Miss Aggressive-Skating So Much!!!
    F*CK ridin Park!!!
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    1st was awesome ... stiffler n his mother (LOL) both r off the hook man
    2nd was also nice,american wedding was good,have'nt seen 5 yet ... stiffler should be there,if not then shittt

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    where did american pie 4 come from/go? wtf, these guys sure know how to milk a series, almost like the new rocky producers.
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    my sole purpose to see this movie was Vida Guerra .....

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