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    Anyone ever heard of one?? My sister upgraded to the latest FW, 4.0 something I think.
    It blocks the use of most popular flash carts. I use Supercard DSTWO and I can't use it anymore because an error pops up while trying to use it.
    I mainly use it to play SNES and GBA games and some homebrew using Moonshell v2.10.

    I'm not sure if the 3DS has to be hacked before a downgrader can be made for it, but if that's the case then hopefully it gets hacked soon.

    From what my friend tells me, the author, YopYop156, of DeSmuME, which is a DS Emulator for and I think he's YopYop156, said that he can hack the 3DS before anyone else. So he's got to know something and since it's like other DS Systems it probably shouldn't take too long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Guapo View Post
    Lol, I don't like the acekard. And Supercard is much better, imo. And if the updates didn't block acekard, it will sooner or later so I'd rather not waste $20 on it. I'm broke and this $40 Supercard isn't helping me.

    It still works on my NDS Lite but that L and R buttons don't work on that.
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