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    I found out that "carbon canyon" from the (was) popular game Need For Speed: Carbon exists in real life
    Alought it's not in Palmout city, it's in Chino Hills, Brea, and is officially state route 142
    In comparison, the real road is straighter and isnt full of edges to fall off of, rather than the lunatric NFS version.
    Another thing is that in NFS there seems to be a speed limit of 60, through dangerous roads, while the safer and almost straight (real life) road has a speed limit of 45 (mph)

    Just thought I'd share my "discovery"

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    There are members of a certain Gran Turismo community that have found all the real roads that many "fictional" Gran Turismo tracks are based off. A surprising number of them are existing, actual public roads that could serve as a makeshift racetrack were it to be barricaded off as it is in the game. Some of them are built from fragments of roads taken from from the same area. I think the reason for this is that once your simulation models gets advanced enough and starts taking natural bumps and surface changes on the road into consideration, much of that can't really be "made up" and it's easier just to laser -scan a real road surface where this will be captured with millimeter accuracy. I know that both Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 use this method to create the tracks in the Gran Turismo and Forza series.
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    No ones going to walk 2mph on a 5 mile road with a laser scanner, chances are you'd be run over (oops) (or get heat stroke, but being ran over seems ... More.... How do I put this.....) itd be easier to plagerise google earth

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEliteCommando View Post
    No ones going to walk 2mph on a 5 mile road with a laser scanner
    No, they use a combination of mobile and on-foot equipment. They've been doing this since the mid-2000s, all race simulators use laser-mapped track models these days. It's not that difficult to get a city council to close down a road for a day so it can be mapped. All it takes is money.
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