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    If you're like me and have a ton of video files backed up to your PC, then you'll enjoy this as much as I do

    Thanks to goku2778 for this guide

    *this method will also work just the same for 360/WII/PSP/Ipod/Iphone but i'm showing the PS3/PSP ways cause i use it more on that system*

    First you will need to download TVersity which you can find here
    -i use the Free version of 1.8 Beta and works really well.
    -download and install it onto your PC

    Once that is done, open TVersity and let's get started...
    -click on the really big + symbol on the top left hand side
    -my videos/music/pics are all stored in my external hdd on my pc to keep my pc internal nice and
    -i clicked the + symbol, chose "folder" and then i chose "browse"...this is how mine is setup so this is my example:
    -i went to G:\video_ts\fulldisc...that's where i rip all my dvd backups, avi conversions as well
    -now i have loose avi's in there as well as sub folders with videos
    -once that's ready, click on the "advanced" tab and choose "whenever needed" for transcoding.
    -now choose "submit"
    -the ps3 will play burnt dvd's that are in dvd formats...but i also have a dvd player that is divx capable, i burn data dvd discs so i can store up to 4-5 movie avi files on a single disc to save discs/disc storage space...the ps3 won't read those, so here's a work around for that:
    -insert a burnt data dvd disc into your pc drive, again using my setup for examples:
    -open TVersity, choose to add folder, choose drive E:\
    -now you can access that disc via ps3...when you change the disc to another, simply insert the disc and refresh that drive, in my case E:\, then access that disc now on the ps3

    now that's done, let's move to our PS3's...

    PS3 main screen:
    -scroll to settings Settings>network settings>media server connections>enable
    -if you've never done this before, make sure your pc allows the sharing through network settings on the pc...once that's enabled and going:

    Let's test it out!

    PS3 main screen:
    -go to videos and look for the tversity emblem and click X
    -go to "folder" and you should see the folder that you setup on TVersity on the pc, open that and there's your videos!! try them out and enjoy!

    Activating this feature with your PSP w/cfw via remote play:
    -download psnlover here
    -extract the files, place the psnlover.prx file into your seplugins folder
    -edit the vsh/game.txt files to this:
    ms0:/seplugins/psnlover.prx 1
    -go to your PS3, go to Settings>remote play settings and register your can also choose to enable remote play auto start for when your ps3 is off, you can power it on via internet connection
    -once you're registered, sign into psn on the psp
    *For D3 users like myself, for psn access, go to recovery menu, configurations and edit the fake region to Debug type I*

    -you can access the ps3 in 2 ways with cfw:

    1. leave the ps3 powered off, be sure that the ps3 was enabled for remote play auto start like noted above:
    -on the psp...go to: Network>remote play>connect via private network (only operational in your house)

    2. leave the ps3 powered on and go to: Network>remote play. Do not power off the ps3
    -on the psp...go to: Network>remote play>connect via internet (operational over open internet wifi...outside of house)

    I played all my avi's/dvd backups/even my ipod/psp mp4 formatted video files on the ps3 this way with no troubles. There are also other forms of media that this app will stream as well, but i only use it as i have written here.

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    nice bro really nice

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    is there a way were i can stream my shit via ethernet bro cables to my ps3(no wireless)...i couldnt get a password on my router and im not letting anyone gett free internet lol hit me up ......

    plus i have a windows 7 and ive tried everything and for some reason i couldnt get it to work again...remember last time i coulndt get trhu well its doin the same shit i know its the windows 7 i dont understand there must have been some kind of setting i need to enable bro thankz

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    i have windows 7 and i run ps3 media server through it just fine i had to buy a long ethernet cable wich i like more then wireless
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    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv

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    yea me too dank but for some reason my ps3 shows my computer(videos n shit) then all of the sudden not there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG.MAN View Post
    yea me too dank but for some reason my ps3 shows my computer(videos n shit) then all of the sudden not there...
    is your pc turned on or off??? if it's off it won't show up on the ps3 and also make sure that you allowed the ps3 through the pc's firewall and network sharing center...i don't have windows 7 so maybe it's default is blocking out the ps3??? Dank??

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    Nice guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG.MAN View Post
    yea me too dank but for some reason my ps3 shows my computer(videos n shit) then all of the sudden not there...
    I know your post was back in October, but maybe this'll help future people in regards to media streaming and Win7. I had a similar issue when trying to access shared folders of my Win7 partition with XBMC on my xbox...would ask for a username/password every time. Turned out it was the 'Windows Live Sign-in Assistant' that was installed by MS at some point, and I think the Bing Bar was related as well. I uninstalled both, and was able to access shared folders with my xbox again.

    Not sure how relevant this is with media streaming and the PS3 though, since I never really had that exact problem...but something to consider and try...stranger things have happened.

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