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    I got a 40 GB PS3 myself for game playing and I do love it. You know that Sony PS3 is a little more fortified to break than Microsoft Xbox 360. PS3 is the only major game console for keeping its golden and pivotal status hasn’t been broken. But OzModChips in Australia gave our hope to do it. This revolutionary PS3 Break it is powerful to break through all PS3 barriers, perfectly supports all games. It is compatible with all PS3 models, FAT and SLIM. It allows for instant game play of backed up games. Whether you choose to backup games onto your PS3 or onto an external hard drive, it works perfectly. But I remind the users to choose the right distributor of PS3 dongle, and download the related firmware, etc from the right site. So as to ensure your PS3 console work smoothly.

    After OzModChips release their break way, some fake PS3 break on sale in the market. You need to choose carefully and I bought from “”. At the first glance, the PS3break dongle is almost the same as other USB Flash Drive in the market. However, the mystery is hidden in the stuff. The PS3 Break is also the only Modchip that is fully USB and follows an easy to use, plug and play, installation process, do it yourself in a matter of minutes.

    With the fast development of PS3 break dongle, which aroused the excitement of more and more PS3 gamers worldwide. We can play more free games which avoid to be blocked by SONY. Guys who have PS3 must have this revolutionary PS3 Break. I found one at an online store Gindart: but I haven’t used it so I’m not sure whether it’d good to use. You can try to get one for your Sony PS3 to enjoy more exciting games.

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    cause you're totally not a bot, but a schill for this crap. good job, schill-bot
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