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    anyone else using this audio output on their ps3's??? just hooked up mine yesterday and holy shit, it is awesome!!

    got a digital optical cable off of amazon for 18$ shipped, bought a Samsung home theater system for only 200 at best buy (1k watts!) hooked that up, hdmi to the Samsung lcd, optical out to the surround, wow...the sound really is amazing and it's not just cause of the surround cause i was using my older Aiwa system back in the day with just standard aux jacks to it, nowhere as crisp as this sound.

    kinda felt like the 1st time i went from standard audio/video to my hdmi from the system except now all high quality sick digital dolby 5.1...thought i'd share and see if anyone else uses this and noticed that much of a difference.
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    I used it at my grandpa's house. He has speakers in all corners of the livingroom, bottom and top. It was nice. I felt like I was there.
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