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    Recently we had a look at the new Ping G20 driver and Ping G20 iron. Today we are going to have a look at the big winner of the bag, the Ping G15 Driver. I have seen a lot of G5 and G10 drivers in the bags of random playing partners over the years, and have been looking forward to getting my hands on a G15 driver for quite a while now. Let's start with some details. online golf for sale The Ping G15 driver is an interesting piece of equipment. At first glance it appears to be a traditionally shaped, large head driver of 460cc. And the club head is finished in a dark color that is very subtle and does not distract you at address or during your swing. But for those of you who are bothered by offset and draw bias in a club, you will be happy to know that the G15 sets up pretty neutral and looks quite square at address.

    I cannot speak to how the G15 compares to previous generations of the G line, however, I would highly recommend adding the G15 to your list of drivers to hit if you are on the market for a new 'Big Winner'. online golf wholesale Now it is only at $159.99 retail with high quality plus free shipping to most countries at Golf Clubs For Sale|Golf Equipment For Sale|Online Golf Clubs on! So the G15 is slightly less expensive than some of the high tech, bells and whistle drivers out there. For me the G15 is longer with better roll out. But I tend to think it is more forgiving on the mishits and that can make a big difference on your approach shots. For me anyways, it was worth the upgrade. Great job Ping!

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