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    I came across this and was a interesting read. Its more or less news but overall gives you some info. Hope you enjoy the read.

    Why am I pumped for the PlayStation Vita? Cross-play functionality; A.K.A, “Transfarring.” This means a constant connection to the PlayStation Network and my “friends” list. Sure, the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, display is reportedly amazing; plus, all of the touch-functionality in the front and back (not dirty, I swear) opens up a lot of opportunities for developers to innovate. Two analog sticks and shoulder buttons? Yes, please. Thing is, those last few aspects have all been done. Consoles have demonstrated what analog sticks, shoulder buttons, beautiful displays, and eye-popping graphics mean for games. Modern titles would be nowhere without the use of analog sticks and the ease they bring to controlling a 3D character model in a 3-dimensional world. The shoulder buttons make use of two otherwise dormant – and, as far as gaming input goes, useless – fingers to further open up the array of possible actions on a player’s behalf. Better graphics always seem to enhance the gaming experience, and who doesn’t love immersing themselves in a beautifully rendered world?

    However, these features are almost par-for-the-course at this point. They’re on a handheld, yes, but we as enthusiasts have long suspected, and expected, that at some point handheld portables would implement these features. The true innovation lies in the seamless connectivity the Vita will provide, both to my console and the people on my friends list. Oh, the number of times I’ve woken up in the early morning to continue some compelling narrative in a game only to have the impending morning commute to work thwart my progress – and joy. Now, Hideo Kojima is assuring me it doesn’t have to be that way.

    With the upcoming PlayStation 3 high-definition release of the Metal Gear Solid Collection and the PlayStation Portable version of Peace Walker, I can transfer save files back and forth between the two systems and continue my playthrough on the go. While this “transfarring” system has yet to be announced for others, I feel confident in expecting that this will become the standard for many of Sony’s franchises. Do you want more evidence? The game Ruin will utilize Sony’s recently launched cloud service, currently exclusive to PlayStation Plus users, to allow players to resume save files on either their PS3s or Vitas. The upcoming God of War Origins Collection on PS3 is an HD remake of the two critically acclaimed PSP God of War titles; additionally, other franchises like Ratchet and Clank, ModNation Racers, and LittleBigPlanet have been made available on both systems. Versions of the latter three have also been announced for the PSP’s successor. If the transfarring and cloud-save functionality used for Peace Walker is any indication, we can look forward to seeing continued play across the PlayStation 3 home console and its portable brethren with a myriad of games.

    As exciting as that is, the cross-play functionality announced for Wipeout 2048 takes the connectivity and interaction between PS3 and Vita even further. It’s no longer necessary to be sitting at home on the couch to play with or against a friend; you can play online between platforms. As much as I miss playing with a friend on the couch, the cross-system multiplayer for Wipeout takes things to a thrilling new level. Only announcements for Wipeout 2048 have been made, but it’s easy to envision plenty of games using this new feature. Resistance has a PSP version already out with a Vita version on the way. Though I’m not an FPS fan myself, I can see how appealing this type of experience is for shooter-fanatics.

    Blasting your friend at home away while you’re at work adds a brand new dimension to multiplayer competition. Of course, it’s not just the competitive side that benefits from this. Cooperative games will benefit from a well-implemented cross-play feature by leaps and bounds. Whatever iterations of Uncharted lie ahead, you can be sure the possibility of cross-play co-op will make them that much more appealing.

    The constant PSN connectivity is, to avoid the “icing on the cake” cliché, the cherry on top. It’s the glue that binds it all together, so to speak. Concerns about the network’s reliability aside, having an almost pocket-sized portable system that’s always “plugged in” makes the above-mentioned features possible and opens up even more options. Hopefully, it can hold together as, half the gaming industry is getting hacked and millions of users’ mothers’ maiden names are public knowledge.

    Here’s a template: Imagine a former console-only massively multiplayer online game, like DC Universe Online. Now, imagine a PS Vita port of the game that employs both cross-play/cross-system functionality and a system akin to Kojima’s transfarring. If any genre benefits from having constant access to your game anywhere and everywhere you go, it’s MMO’s. Multiplayer components of Call of Duty-esque titles as fit the bill; either way the point’s been made. You no longer need to sit in front of a computer or TV monitor for hours on end each day and night to get the full experience of the MMO. Now, you can take it with you and still achieve the same level of player-world-interaction that you could previously only get at home.

    User-created content will also benefit from such a system. If inspiration strikes while out, you can have the game and the wireless connection on the spot to ensure your creativity doesn’t go to waste or erode after a few moments.

    I’m sure I sound like a total Sony fanboy at this point, but I assure that’s not the case. Before my Xbox 360, which I’ve owned many more years than a PS3, I’d only owned Nintendo consoles and handhelds. If the 3DS and its 3D implementation have shown any signs of significantly altering or enhancing the way I game, I’d be raving in excitement about it as well. Unfortunately, the 3DS has yet to prove the 3D aspects worth the price of admission.

    On the other hand, even months before launch, the PS Vita is showing strong signs of becoming more than just a portable. The level of cross-system play and online connectivity, along with the impressive processing power, leave the PS Vita poised as a powerful and accessible extension of Sony’s home console. With Vita, portable means more than just an isolated, less-powerful version of the average gamer’s preferred medium.

    Also, Sony, please don’t screw us over with battery life like others have. I’m looking at you, Nintendo.
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    wow thanks now I have to by one
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    SOOO excited for this!
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