Last Wednesday we were in London to the lineup of PlayStation Vita view games. We played several games here, where the next few days you'll have the necessary read. Besides that we could play with the games we have handheld a good look and play with the user. That was something that we as yet not really good opportunities to have received.

One thing we all know that the XMB on the PlayStation 3 in the first instance the player is not allowed to use while in a game Sat Later this with a firmware update is achieved, but yet the XMB is not really fast if you just want to pause a game.

Now you need from a game on the PlayStation Vita direct the user to call, what we also tried last week. Striking contrast with the PlayStation 3 ... it is very fast. It works very quickly, because with the push of a button and you're right in the user interface that you can use without delay. You're in no time back in the game itself.

Here is a video that demonstrates this. Soon you can expect an article containing information about the standard applications of the PlayStation Vita, and more images of the user interface itself.

source: psfocus