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    The Home Screen
    Xross Media bar (XMB) is no longer

    "Live Area"
    When selecting an icon, a live area for it appears with large colorful links to the software, downloadable content, its Web site, and things like tournaments or challenges.

    "Index Page"
    Another way to view content is the index view, which shows actively running apps

    "Movie Player"
    Classy Visuals controls appear over the video in a transparent box

    "Music Player"
    Much like Sony's music unlimited interface, large cover art from the song resides to the left, while controls are on the right.

    "Web Browser"
    Support for HTML5 and Java ou the box , but no Flash :'(, yet

    Using GPS, near shows you which other Vita owners are nearby, and what games they are playing. You can see what games are popular in your area, high scores and interact with those users.

    "Activity Section"
    This is like the friend list sectio on ps3 and shows what trophies your friends have unlocked recently.
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    ahhhh, soon.

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