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    Hands-on preview: The PS VITA hopes to shake up the handheld gaming market with unparalleled graphics and easy-to-use controls. We recently spent an afternoon with the console – here’s our roundup of what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s ugly.

    The good

    It’s the most powerful handheld games console in the world, and this shows through the extraordinary visuals that it’s capable of producing. But the Vita is far from being a one-trick pony.

    While I do have some criticisms of the control setup, the fact that it comes with two analogue sticks from the get-go makes a world of difference. It means you can play games like you’d play them on a home console, and this opens up so many avenues for developers. The power of the machine’s innards coupled with the familiarity of controlling a modern game in this manner should go a long way to persuading people that there’s space for another device to play games on the move as well as their iPhones.

    It’s important that Vita does convince people of this fact, of course: there’s been talk for a long time of the handheld console meeting its demise. But for what it’s worth, I think Vita does just enough – even though it has its problems.

    The bad

    The sizing is curious. The PS Vita is an oddly bulky thing – thick, long and heavy. It’s not going to fit into many people’s pockets, and this could be a problem: this is about home console-quality gaming on the move, but will people want to carry around something this sizeable?

    You’re also expected to still play with small buttons, which can make controlling the games feel fiddly. The positioning of these buttons takes some getting used to, too, as they’re directly above the analogue sticks. It’s just a tiny bit awkward, forcing you to think about your actions a little more than you should have to – although surely with extended play it’ll be simple enough to get used to it.

    Elsewhere, there’s not a huge amount to criticise. There does, however, remain the question of how well the touch screen and the back touch pad will be incorporated. So far, the ideas are fairly straight-forward and uninspiring – but perhaps, like the 3DS’ technological quirks, it will take a while for developers to fully understand how they can put the Vita’s tricks to good use.

    The ugly

    Aside from the terrifying digital-me in Reality Fighters, there is honestly so little to fault with the system’s entire presentation. It’s a powerful machine, capable of rendering visual experiences that don’t look too far behind the home consoles. Spend ten minutes with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and you’ll know what I mean.

    The Vita itself looks great, too: classily curvaceous, sleek and stylish, despite its somewhat bulky size. In terms of the handheld market, this is the most beautiful thing around – both on the outside of the screen, and within it.

    So, what do we reckon?

    This is a nice, sleek, beautiful handheld machine capable of playing games that, until recently, we’d have only been able to experience in our living rooms or in front of our PCs. Whether that will be enough to draw people away from their increasingly powerful mobile phones, however, is another matter. We’ve seen how the 3DS has faired so far, and things haven’t been great. When the Vita is bigger and bulkier than its main competitor, alarm bells have to ring. Still, it’s impressive technology, smartly presented. I hope it does good things.

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    When I first saw a picture of the VITA and I saw that the buttons were directly above the Analogues I was a little worried this would be a problem. I do agree that once gotten use to playing that way it won't be a big deal. The way those analogues stick out it looks like they would break off easily while carrying it on the go. I could be wrong about that one though. While I do want the touch screen to be incorperated I still do hope it remains an option in most games.

    Really my only two complaints about how the hardware design.
    In an Ideal world I would have all ten fingers on my left hand and my right hand would just be used for punching.

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    Reality fighters looks awesome, what the hell are you talking about?
    Well the way I see it, I'm the judge and my bullets are the jury.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -GunslingerGirl- View Post
    Reality fighters looks awesome, what the hell are you talking about?
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    Oh, I thought this was the reviewer. Guess not.
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    it says the 3DS wasnt taking people away from there smart phones, but thats just because a poor launch. No games to back it up untill recently, now its sales are on the rise and on track. Regardless the Vita will suffer the same problem if they dont get solid launch titles. All i know is the new Drake game (which im not a fan of the series, so not really doing it for me) But ill be picking a vita up when it launches just waiting for a Gran Turismo and a MGS.
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