Sources claim that Sony has added an additional 200,000 PS Vita units to be shipped due to massive pre-order demands. Andriasang is reporting claims that the PlayStation Vita's initial shipment may exceed 700,000 units.

Sony had originally planned an initial shipment of 500,000 units, but has recently decided to up the amount by another 200,000 units in preperation for its Japan release on Saturday. The Vita has sold out in advance bookings in Japan, but with many retailers saying you can purchase the handheld on launch day without a pre-order could confirm the sudden 200,000 unit increase.
In addition to the increase in units shipped, Sony has updated their site to include the PlayStation Vita manual. The online User's Guide gives detailed instructions about the basic operations of the PS VIta system and gives hints about how to get hte most from your PS Vita. It also gives information onhow to expand your enjoyment of the Vita using the PlayStation Network

It looks like a rather good launch , close to a million units on day 1. If these estimates are correct the vita just might seep the competition off the map by the time release in U.S. & Europe. This is good news for any future vita owner. The more units sold = more quality games by developers for us all to enjoy!