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    Sony's PlayStation Vita launched in Japan over the weekend, and we've already discussed why you shouldn't import.

    The system's launch lineup is jam packed with great titles, including Naughty Dog's own Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

    The Uncharted series has evolved quite a bit graphically since first appearing on the PS3, with Uncharted 3 easily the most amazing looking game this generation. It's simply stunning.

    So, how does the handheld Uncharted hold up against its console counterparts? Here are some HD screenshot comparison. Be sure to click the images for the full resolution screens.


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    Hot Damn, that's pretty amazing. Too bad the first game I'm picking up is that one from Vanillaware. The one with that witch with all the Rule 34 material that game out as soon as the announcement of the game was made.
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