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    A lot of you may find the gamer card on the PlayStation Network a little bit too dull. With its bland color options, PS3 owners who also have an Xbox 360 may say that PSN’s gamercard is rather boring. While it’s a fact, Vita owners has a way to give it life and colors that will please everyone’s eyes.

    For those who have access to a PlayStation Vita or soon to be when it releases in North America and Europe in 2012, you’ll be given an opportunity to give your gamer card more customization options with its amazing backgrounds from all your favorite games. There’s a lot to choose from and it’s a nice way to make your boring PlayStation Network gamer card look more stylish.

    For now, it only applies to the PlayStation Vita.

    source: justpushstart

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    Looks slightly better. Still not as good as a xbl gamer card. But Sony is getting there.
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