Ubisoft's PS Vita launch titles won't be available in UK retailer Game's store.

Published on Feb 21, 2012
PS Vita will be launching tomorrow across the UK, but Game won't be stocking any of Ubisoft's launch titles for Sony's PSP successor.
This follows claims and, later, admissions that Game is suffering from financial issues after a source revealed to NowGamer that the high street retailer had lost credit insurance with many of its publishers.
In a press release to NowGamer, Game announced it will be supporting the launch of Sony's PS Vita that it described as a "hugely anticipated hardware release".
Similarly there will be midnight launches for the PS Vita at Game's Oxford Street store in London or GameStation's Birmingham New Street store.
Game reiterated that it would be stocking all the PS Vita games from Sony, EA, Codemasters, Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega.
It won't, however, be stocking Ubisoft's launch titles for the PS Vita, meaning Lumines Electronic Symphony, Michael Jackson The Experience, Rayman Origins, Asphalt Injection and Dungeon Hunter Alliance won't be available in store.
Customers have been informed of this unfortunate situation, while further communication will be updated through Game's Twitter and Facebook feeds - so head there if this news affects you.
We've left a message with Ubisoft and will report back with more.

source: nowgamer.com