Although it's true that most of them are ports of already existing games the PS Vita can still boast one of the highest-rated launch line-ups in gaming history. Clearly the new portable is more than capable of emulating existing PlayStation 3 games almost exactly, a feat which is all the more impressive given the short time most of the games will have had in development.

There was bound to be to be at least one port that let the side down though and we're only surprised it was this one, since racing specialists Sumo Digital - makers of the likes of OutRun 2006 and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - are usually so reliable.

In terms of game modes and options though the game does pretty well. There are a few losses from the home console version but you've still got a full 60-race, three season career mode; as well as individual Grand Prix events, quick races, and time trails. There's also a new challenge mode filled with bite-sized, portable-friendly, scenarios which is very much appreciated.

The multiplayer though is limited to a maximum of just four-players in both wireless and online modes. The game's obviously also only based on the 2011 season, in terms of cars and drivers. Although we assume that, as with FIFA Football, the next PS Vita version will come out at the same time as the home console sequels this autumn.

And yet off the track there isn't that much to complain about, especially for a launch game. It's when you actually start a race that the problems become much more serious.

Especially in comparison to its home console equivalents this is probably the worst looking game on the PS Vita. The level of detail has been dialled down so far that it barely looks any better than a PSP game, and yet weirdly things like weather effects and animated pit stops have been left in. Importantly the frame rate is very stable, so at least you get a smooth ride - but it comes at such a price it barely seems worth it. Especially when you compare it to something like WipEout 2048.

The rewind option, so key to Codemasters' recent racing games, is missing in action and the artificial intelligence is pretty abysmal. Rival drivers are robotic at best and suicidal at worse. If there's a tricky corner with more than two or three cars trying to get round it at once then a crash is almost guaranteed. Unfortunately the damage modelling is so poor there's not even a silver-lining of virtual rubbernecking to be had.

The handling is okay, but much more forgiving and less realistic than the home console versions - and so far less interesting as a result. There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason for this, the PS Vita has proper analogue sticks so why not use them? Even if it is meant to compensate for the fact that you might be playing it on the boss an advanced or expert option would've been a good idea.

As a game F1 2011 is still perfectly playable, but as a serious Formula 1 tie-in it's nowhere near as impressive as the original versions. They were never simulations, but unlike this version they weren't straight-up arcade games either. They also didn't look like their graphics and presentation had been beamed in from 2005 (The 'Live the Life' concept is completely missing from the PS Vita version).

There's not even much use of the Vita's touch controls, despite them potentially being very useful when it comes to the KERS and DRS controls in particular. Instead all you get is changing the camera view via the touchscreen and optional throttle and braking controls on the touchpad.

It's a sign of just how good the PS Vita launch line-up is that this is one of the worst. But unless you're absolutely desperate for a portable F1 game you'd be well advised to just hang on for next season.

In Short: A typically rushed launch day port, the likes of which the PS Vita has otherwise avoided. The end result isn't unplayable, but it is very disappointing.

Pros: Most of the original game modes and options are still present, and challenge mode works well. Handling and racing may not be realistic but it's still fairly enjoyable.

Cons: Terrible graphics and racing model bares almost no resemblance to either the original game or the real thing. Simplified presentation, multiplayer, and artificial intelligence.

Score: 5/10

Formats: PS Vita
Price: 39.99
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Sumo Digital
Release Date: 22nd February 2012
Age Rating: 3