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    So I was waiting for the release of the Vita for some time now, and bought it on the launch day.

    Now I am sitting here undecided. Games cost a lot where I live. Today I checked the price of Dungeon Hunter Alliance on a local shop. Guess how much does it cost. You are far off, it costs a whopping $60. As such, I am thinking of buying games off the PlayStation Store online, where they cost less than half of what they cost here.

    You might ask, "so what is the problem?" The problem is that, in order to connect to the PSN Store I have to update the firmware of the Vita. This brings several questions to mind. Will it be like the way it has been with PSP CFWs? Like, will I have to stay below a certain OFW to make sure that I can downgrade? Or is the only problem the motherboard and the model number and I can downgrade any OFW? Will it be like the PS3, where I will have to wait several years to get a CFW? There is also another problem; if I stay at an older OFW I will be unable to run recent games which will ask for a more recent OFW, like with the PSP.

    I know that nobody can know for sure for now, we can only guess. What should I do? Keep the OFW as is and wait for a safe downgrade, or update the FW and buy games off PSN Store? Please have (preferably not so wild) estimations on this.

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    I知 getting hundreds of questions all over the place, I understand some people are frustrated to not see HBL yet, while the PS Vita was released worldwide 2 days ago. I知 just asking you guys to please trust me on this one. I won稚 claim I知 100% sure what I知 doing is the only way to do this, but I値l post a more lengthy update in a few hours that will answer the questions I got so far.

    it's still a matter of interests if you ask me. whether you wait for a formal confirmation about the vita exploitation project or just keep up with the gaming pace. goodluck
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